What If iPhone Won’t Charge? and How to Fix


Is your iPhone broken? Not, actually there are a few really frequent reasons an iPhone won’t bill, and the majority of the time it doesn’t have anything to do with all the iPhone itself (unless it had been ruined, but more about this in a minute ).

How to Check and Confirm to iPhone Is Charging or Not

First of all, if you are thinking how to check iPhone is charging the battery or not? the process is simple just plug in your iPhone to the power source, look at your screen at the status bar check the the battery icon. If there is a lightning bolt next to the battery icon, the iPhone is charging and if there’s not a lightning bolt near the battery , that means iPhone is not charging.

In the event the iPhone is plugged and it is not charging the battery at all, and there’s absolutely no lightning bolt near the battery.

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Make Sure that iPhone Charging Port is Free From the Lint and Obstructions

1: Assess that the iPhone Charging Port to get Debris, Lint, Obstructions
Among the chief reasons an iPhone will not bill is remarkably easy; the vent over the iPhone is obstructed with debris, dust, pocket , or another obstruction. Something very small can easily stop a charging cable from fitting properly to the iPhone, therefore the first thing you should do is assess the charging interface on the iPhone and try to find any crud or buildup inside there. Get it out from there, instead with some thing such as a Q-Tip, toothpick, or even a sterile toothbrush. In case you’ve got a can of air, dismissing it there can help also.

When the charging interface is cleared out, consider charging it . Seriously, junk from the vent is ordinary (that applies to Macs using MagSafe also ) and it may stop a device from charging, archiving, or obtaining any electricity in any way. It likely works today, right? Otherwise, continue reading.

Try to Change the Wall Board

The next most frequent reason why an iPhone will not bill is due to where it is really plugged into. At times the wall socket itself is not functioning or the light switch is switched off, so if you are utilizing a wall charger subsequently alter the socket.
iPhone wall charger

Oh, and also another advantage to having a wall socket is the fact that it generally protects the iPhone faster also. Sweet.

Make Sure that Charging Cable is OK

Before going past this one, make certain to inspect the plug of this cable too, occasionally it can accrue items on it which would stop the link from forming too. Due to many commenters who pointed out this as a potential reason a cable would not charge properly.

Make Sure that Charging Cable is OK and Working on Other Mobiles

This may be somewhat evident in certain scenarios, and whether the cable is fraying or secured, well, there is your problem. If your cable is damaged, then you will need a new USB cable to control the iPhone, it is that easy. Luckily, you can acquire cheap Amazon Lightning USB wires which are accredited and they work good and are very durable.

You will usually encounter a mistake that the cable isn’t certified on the iPhone (or even iPad) itself when that is causing the charging issue.

Try to Reset or Reboot your Phone

may be rebooting the phone fix the not charging issue, but occasionally a simple reboot may solve a software problem that essentially will not recognize that iphone/ipad is charging. This can be somewhat uncommon, but it sometimes happens.

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