How to Reset Mac SMC (System Management Controller)

“Ahhhh what a pain when you realize my Mac is not working. You’ve tried rebooting, you have reset the PRAM, you have done all the things that cause this issue. However, your Mac is still not working fine. What next? This is occasionally required to restore standard lower level system performance to your Mac, especially for power and hardware related issues.

We are going to show you how to reset the SMC on any Mac (and some other variation of OS X) and also the sort of issues it might resolve.

Which Reasons Cause Reset SMC to a Mac?

Usually, an SMC reset can help to solve many hardware and power related problems which are causing this troubleshooting processes. Resetting a Mac SMC is especially useful if you are having the following Kinds of issues:

Problems with your Mac heating fans and fan direction:

The fans operate continuously at high speed, enthusiasts operate high despite reduced CPU use and decent ventilation, fans not functioning at all, respectively

Power, battery and management issues:

Mac is not turning, sleep is not functioning, random shutdowns and reboots, the battery is not charging, Mac won’t wake from sleep, etc

Light Issues and improper lighting direction:

battery indicator lights are not functioning, screen backlighting is not adjusting to ambient lighting fluctuations, keyboard backlights not functioning, etc

Video and outside screens not functioning:

screen brightness performance not working correctly, target video style is not working correctly, outside display is not working, etc

General functionality and performance issues:

abnormally sluggish behavior despite no CPU or disk use, outside vents not working, Bluetooth & airport are not showing up, outside devices Aren’t being discovered, etc.

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If above problems explain the issue encountered about the Mac and you’ve concluded that you want to reset your SMC, then we’ll explain to you just how you can get it done on almost any MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro with Retina screen, iMac, Mac Mini, along with Mac Guru. Do note the System Management Controller reset directions are distinct for MacBook and MacBook Pro’s when the device comes with an internal battery versus a removable battery, process may be a little bit different for desktop if compare them to Mac laptops.

Steps to Reset SMC of a MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air

or MacBook Pro by Using the internal non-removable battery

This is the Way to reset SMC on many contemporary Mac laptops, none of which have a detachable battery:

  • Shutdown your MacBook Ai/MacBook Pro.
  • On your MacBook keyboard, hold down following buttons at the same time Shift+Control+Option keys along with the Power.
  • After the few seconds release all the keys that you are holding and you will notice the color change in to the small light in the the MagSafe adapter. This Small light indicates that SMC has reset to default settings.
  • Now Try to Boot your Mac as normal

See the picture below for more information.

Do bear in mind that by resetting the SMC you may eliminate power specific settings, such as the time that it requires to sleep a Mac and other customizations to electricity settings. No huge deal, but in case you’ve made many adjustments to your hardware behavior you’ll want to fix stuff like sleep behavior.

Note: Please keep it in mind that boot time may take a longer than usual, so don’t panic.

Steps to Reset SMC of Mac Pro, iMac and Mac Mini

Resetting SMC  is totally different for non-portable Macs and easier than the MacBook Pro and other portable devices.

Older MacBook laptops can also reset by removing the battery or reseting the SMC by following the simple steps

  • Turn off the MacBook and remove the battery.
  • Disconnect the Mac from charging cable and hold the power key for SECs.
  • Release the Power Key, insert your battery and charger.
  • Turn on your Mac and let the boot as usual.

By the Way SMC Stands For?

SMC stands for System Management Controller, an essential low-level element on Mac hardware. Much like the title sounds, the SMC controls and management system hardware for electricity consumption, battery charging and battery feature, hot action and enthusiast action, LED lighting for displays and keyboards, GPU performance with movie style changes and movie output, wake and sleep, along with other core hardware performance on a Mac.

Now your Mac SMC was flashed, the hardware problem you’re encountering ought to be solved unless there’s a higher issue or another issue that has to be troubleshooted individually. Occasionally resetting the Macs PRAM may be powerful also, even though there are instances when additional action is essential too.

Hopefully, this will clear up your issues, or even it may be well worth a trip to the Apple Store or a qualified repair center.

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