Download & Run Safari in Windows – Safari for Windows?

Some Windows users might want to run the Apple Safari browser on their Windows PC. Basically Safari is a web browser developed by Apple based on the WebKit engine. … It is the default browser on Apple devices. A Windows version, now discontinued, was available from 2007 to 2012 According to Wikipedia.

Well there is good news you can download, install, and use Safari on Windows any version even on latest Windows 10 But unfortunately there is a bad news too, The most recent version of Safari was released in 2012.

That is because Apple stopped development of Safari for Windows many years back, and the present Safari for Window version is outdated and might be vulnerable for users, lack of several latest features, since apple is not updating safari for windows it is not updated with security patches.

it’s not suitable for many users to download and use Safari for Windows, however it’s available to install and use most recent version if you require it for whatever reason you have.

Despite being lots of versions behind what is on a Mac, Safari from Windows runs fine, though because it is a previous web browser version out of several years back you will discover that a number of the newer fancier rich web attributes aren’t supported, and there are a lot of possible security defects. This isn’t encouraged to use by average users as a normal browser on a PC.
Just advanced users, programmers, designers, and compatibility testers who especially want Safari on Windows for a specific motive should bother to set up and operate Safari inside Windows.

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How to Download and Run Safari in Windows

From your Windows PC, start chrome, firefox or any web browser you prefer and visit this following URL

Once you click on it an popup SafariSetup.exe will appear.
Click on Save button locate the directory and download will start automatically.
When the download is complete Run’ the installer to complete the installation process of Safari browser.

For more information see below images.

installing safari windows 2

When Safari setup is complete, launch the browser from Windows, It’s ready to use. Please keep it mind that this is an older version of Safari, it’s no more in development and not supported by Apple anymore.

You are completely on your own if you would like to conduct Safari in Windows. Do not do anything that create privacy risk or severe with it. it hasn’t yet been patched for privacy and security bugs from years.

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